Oblique Icebreaker

Oblique Icebreaker Arctech NB508 got new coloring. I had to re render all four images. Specs were given in russian language – Google Translate saved me!

(Honestly –  the old coloring was more pleasant)

Aurora Slim


The model was provided as SolidWorks file which I converted to obj format in Rhino 3D. Rendering was done in Autodesk Max Design using mental ray. Post processing was done in Adobe Photoshop.

I also tried out Vue xStream – those icebergs in one picture. I have tried to incorporate Vue xStream in my workflow several times but found it out too complicated. Especially to find out how those two render engines should work together.

The model should have been done with more details to achieve a sense of fotorealism.  But anyway I´m quite pleased to the outcome. I was also prepared to make an animation but this time it was not needed.

Suomenlinna, 3D-rekonstruktio

Suomenlinnan Susisaaren suuren linnanpihan 3D-rekonstruktio 2005.

3D-rekonstruktio ja multimedia tehtiin EVTEK-Muotoiluinstituutin lopputyönä. Arja Vuorio vastasi multimedian teosta ja Ale Torkkel 3D-mallintamisesta. Multimedia on ollut näytteillä Suomenlinnan museossa.

Työssä tutkittiin, miten hyvin alkuperäisten suunnitelma- ja dokumentointipiirustusten perusteella voidaan voidaan tuottaa kolmiulotteinen rekonstruktio.